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GeneXus congratulates its partners GeneXus Consulting and K2B, in this new stage together with Constellation Software Inc .

From GeneXus we express our joy at the excellent news circulated in the press. On this special day, GeneXus Consulting and K2B are acquired by the Constellation Software Inc Group, a Canadian group based in Toronto that strengthens and makes companies grow worldwide.

As its name suggests, Constellation Software Inc is a conglomerate of more than 750 companies worldwide that are independent and has more than 125 thousand clients in more than 100 countries. The company acquires companies that are leaders in the market and leaves them full autonomy.

GeneXus Consulting and K2B are two of our main partners; The former has been in the market for almost 30 years and has carried out more than 600 digital transformation projects for different organizations around the world; while K2B has developed world-class ERP-GRP (Enterprise and Government Resource Planning) software, which has been implemented in more than 40 clients in 7 countries in the region.
"It is an honor to have been chosen to form part of such an internationally recognized Corporation and that they have bet on our companies such as Gateway for their insertion in Latin America", commented Karina Santo, CEO of both companies.

Within Constellation Software, there is Vesta Software, the cluster that GeneXus Consulting and K2B will integrate.
Vesta Software, has more than 700 employees and operates mainly in Europe, Asia and the United States. The experience of GeneXus Consulting and K2B will help the multinational Vesta to strengthen its presence in the region. Thus, two expert companies in creating solutions using our GeneXus development platform are added to its portfolio.

Some people may wonder: "Was GeneXus also acquired?" The answer is no. Although both companies come from a history in common with our company, GeneXus is independent of this process, and will continue to be controlled by the Uruguayan engineers who started this history more than 30 years ago: Breogán Gonda (Chairman of the Board) and Nicolás Jodal ( CEO).

“We are very happy with what is happening as co-founders of both companies. It is fulfilling what we wanted from the beginning, from the original idea that we always had to create companies, and that they transcend, and achieve more and more impact. It is a great moment in the life of GeneXus Consulting and K2B, and it gives us great joy ”, comments Nicolás Jodal, CEO of GeneXus.

Congratulations to Karina Santo, and the entire GeneXus Consulting and K2B team!