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GeneXus 18 is released

The software industry celebrates the release of the new version of GeneXus, the Low-Code platform that boosts productivity and simplifies the development of systems in an accelerated digital world. GeneXus 18 comes loaded with all the keys to digital reinvention: Cloud Native, Knowledge Driven, Automated Devops, design systems and Super Apps, among other powerful features and new functionalities.

Along with digital acceleration, the new world we inhabit is defined by the coordinates leading to the future. The total experience provided by Cloud Native systems driven by effective knowledge management (Knowledge Driven) and automated DevOps processes is the key to this emerging reinvention and the foundations of the latest version of GeneXus.

GeneXus 18 enables strategies that improve the experience of developers, customers and the solution or digital ecosystem, achieving more adaptability than ever before.

"We have in our hands the perfect platform for the future of software development: GeneXus 18. It is a strengthened version ready to provide the best experience for developers in the current digital acceleration scenario," said Nicolás Jodal, CEO of GeneXus.

GeneXus 18 Star Skill: Super Apps and Mini Apps

The technology to develop Super Apps and Mini Apps is one of GeneXus' strengths. In this sense, GeneXus has become the first platform in the world that provides all the necessary technology to create, model and deploy 100% of a Super App, allowing to transform native applications, developed by hand and with any other technology (other than GeneXus), into Super Apps. This technological innovation will allow exploring new business models, new experiences and take architectures to a new level.

Among other new features, GeneXus 18 incorporates the Mini Apps Center, which is the catalog where the Mini Apps will be published, and from where authorization will be managed so that they can be included in a specific Super App.

Total Experience: Cloud Native, Design Systems, Knowledge Driven, Automated DevOps

In times of uncertainty and acceleration, it is best to be prepared. Systems can grow exponentially from one day to the next, and this should mean a great business opportunity. In this sense, GeneXus ensures that modern, secure, complex and highly scalable architectures can be built in the cloud, taking the maximum potential of the main cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services, Google, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, among others.

The new version also incorporates, and according to the global trend in User Experience (UX), the Design System called Unanimo, which comes pre-installed with GeneXus to achieve consistency and coherence throughout the solution. It also includes various features that help achieve high definition and consistency in web and mobile design.

The total experience that permeates GeneXus is also given by its multiplatform quality: in terms of technologies, chatbots and applications can be created for Angular 14, iOS, Android, .NET and Java; as well as compiling and managing packages such as Nuget, Gradle and Maven.

Security is contemplated in providers with user authentication and authorization that supports biometric and multi-factor authentication, to provide more security to the solutions.

GeneXus 18 is the version that has it all.
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