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GeneXus 17 Live: New Technologies for a New World

We are living in an unprecedented situation. Today, we are not striving to adapt to technological advances but to the world itself, which is evolving even faster because of the pandemic.

In this context of changing scenarios, where the digital transformation has ceased to be a trend and has suddenly become an unavoidable fact, low-code development platforms such as GeneXus are crucial. 

A new version of GeneXus is released to provide a powerful solution to these processes. 

GeneXus 17 will be released on October 20, 2020 via streaming at www.genexus.com/genexus17. Its new features support digital acceleration and provide essential tools that meet current requirements when building software.  

The foundations of GeneXus 17 include multiple experiences, integration and evolution, flexibility and high quality, and expanded DevOps. They are designed to respond quickly to emerging needs –in terms of technology and the market– that we will face in the near future. 
GeneXus 17 is the best version of GeneXus we have ever built. It is focused on responding quickly to a changing world that demands more and more technology and speed to solve people's problems,” says Nicolás Jodal, GeneXus CEO, who will speak at the launch to analyze the global post-coronavirus context.

Topics that will be addressed on October 20 at #GeneXus17LIVE: 
ERPs and GeneXus for SAP Systems, UI, UX, .NET Core technologies, Chatbots Generator, Angular Generator and features for more user-friendly design with Design Systems, DesignOps and DevOps, Omnichannel UI Modeling, Cloud and Security, Automated Testing, API Modeling, BPM and New Business Models. Among other topics, there will also be online presentations on the positive impact of the Coronavirus UY application in Uruguay.

What: GeneXus 17 Release #GeneXus17LIVE | When: 10/20 at 2 p.m. (UTC-3) | Where: www.genexus.com/genexus17