2016 will be the year of "GeneXus 15", a great leap into the future in the development of applications

The new version of GeneXus will be available to users in late 2016, following tests to be performed by over three thousand testers. 

GeneXus 15 is currently available in a beta version for members of the developers’ community*.

In the opinion of Gastón Milano, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at GeneXus, this new version will become an example of efficacy and effectiveness in the generation of applications, with an enhanced user experience in what concerns interface, usability, accessibility and adaptability; and all this includes the design of the apps generated as well.

GeneXus 15 is a way of reasserting our commitment to aid developers and companies to devise better applications in the easiest manner possible, by focusing on flexibility and data management,” Milano announced. In addition, this search for agility and simplicity with GeneXus does not imply reduced productivity.
The latest in GeneXus: Live Editing, Connection with SAP, Data Management for the Internet of Things and Mobile Platforms.
The latest in GeneXus relates to the fields of Mobility, Integration, and the Cloud. Some of its most outstanding features include:  Live Editing, connector for SAP ERP, a Database in Memory, data management for the Internet of Things, and enhancements for creating applications meant for mobile platforms.
The 2016 version brings along a new functionality known as Live Editing that will facilitate the edition of software by allowing levels of interaction that have never been heard of. Changes are modeled and refreshed on the spot, with the possibility of having their results reflected immediately on the application.
Moreover, the new IOT scenario implies the need for a more powerful modeling of data viewing and time series. And this is exactly what GeneXus optimizes with a richer modeling oriented at making data viewing increasingly significant.

Another key factor in this version still at its beta stage is the inclusion of GeneXus ERP Connector for SAP ERP, allowing the making and connection of applications extended to that ERP in a very simple manner.
Milano mentioned that the main transformations refer to generators of applications. Regarding the web generator, great changes have been introduced in the modeling of responsive applications (Java, HTML, CSS3), besides the ongoing improvements in user experience. In relation to generators of mobile applications, Swift -Apple’s new language for iOS devices- will be part of GeneXus 15 as generated language. Other generators to be included in the future version are those associated with wearable watches or Apple TV, in addition to numerous enhancements for creating smart device applications with the traditional generator for Android and iOS.

At GeneXus, we believe that changes are part of our everyday lives and that the world we live in is powered by technology. If we make technology easier to solve with GeneXus 15, then we will be enabling customers to focus on people and on business opportunities, the main aspects that in fact represent innovation per se,” said Milano.