Success story
Warner Music

New portal of Warner Music Brazil.

In March 2009 Warner Music Brazil launched its new web portal.

The arts, entertainment, and recreation corporation needed a web portal to present its artists' music; this portal had to have outstanding design, flexibility and Web 2.0 features. To this end, the site was developed with GeneXus X and designed using the mCMS (music CMS) tool created by InStyle Digital Marketing.

Now, music fans can go online to find out new breakthrough artists, watch video clips and listen to the latest artists, songs, and releases in addition to receiving music newsletters.

GeneXus X was chosen for its development speed and security while taking advantage of the new AJAX features, HTMLimprovements and User Controls.

In addition, the project was made possible not only by the top quality of mCMS but also by InStyle DM's expertise in electronic sales management for corporations and the entertainment industry.

Because the product is aimed specifically at this industry, it is focused on simplifying data load and supporting the marketing department's efforts to promote artists online across the country and generate contests, fan databases and sales.