Success story
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Renewed leading pharmaceutical wholesaler in Argentina goes automatic

By adding K2B to the cutting-edge technology equipment of UniFarma, the company continues to grow and extend the number of products and services offered to the public, while it has become leader in its sector, with the latest technology available. 

UniFarma is a pharmaceutical wholesaler in Argentina, with over 30 years providing services to the pharmaceutical, veterinary, cosmetics and food industries. Its permanent stock of more than 800 active ingredients makes available a wide variety of quality products, in addition to technical and development assistance, which is part of the supply chain of laboratories. A few years ago, the firm created a new business unit for highly complex medical devices that has accumulated eight top-level representations to this date which include leading companies such as Terumo Interventional Systems and Gambro, all of which has turned UniFarma into an important provider for the sector.

In order to become a leader in Argentina, this pharmaceutical wholesaler needed a solution to automate its administrative and business management. The solution should also allow the company to access key indicators in the business, for making the most of the opportunities available to the medical technology industry today. Following a research on the possibilities available, the firm opted for K2B, the collaborative ERP built with GeneXus, of a scalable and flexible nature.

Starting with this implementation three years ago, UniFarma has organized its management in such a way that all its products are now traceable, in addition to the possibility for reports on every process involved in the company’s activity. 

This project implied significant work in relation to tax aspects, with calculation of all taxes, amounts withheld, and amounts received, both in the capital (Buenos Aires) and in the provinces, with focus on the system concerning the information required to be reported to the national tax authorities known as AFIP (Federal Administration of Pubic Revenue, as per its Spanish acronym). Because this company deals with imports in U.S. dollars and with sales in local currency (Pesos), K2B is also applied for daily updates of exchange rates, and given the permanent changes that exist, Unifarma is then capable of adjusting differences by means of debit or credit notes, as necessary.
Three years after implementing the system, the company is reporting significant advances that result in better controls and transparency, and information in real time, among other benefits.