Success story

Registered Trademark.

Uhthoff, Gómez Vega & Uhthoff deals with trademark and patent registration, maintenance and protection throughout the world.

About 10 years ago, with quite simple projects developed with quite strong technologies for that time, the company developed a system integrating all patent rights management and data monitoring.

However, what the company really needed was to unify the different technological platforms it was working with, developing applications in a single programming language. Consequently, a system for Service Order Control of the Intellectual and Industrial Property (COSPII) was created jointly with GeneXus Mexico offices.

This system integrates the entire patent rights management and data monitoring, recording file openings, research on prior international records, maturities, litigations, etc. In this way, COSPII allows the company to duly regulate the daily operation for information management in the three cornerstones of the business: new creations (patents, industrial models, vegetables, etc.); distinctive symbols (brands, denominations of origin, name, etc.); copyrights (registration of works and exclusive rights).

Uhthoff believes it is crucial to maintain an evolutionary line in technology in keeping with the business needs. GeneXus has proven that applications may be modified or manipulated at any time without much trouble.

Bernardo Gordillo Veláis, programmer of Uhtoff's Systems and Administrative Department, said that “the service provided by GeneXus with the GeneXus tool has been extremely valuable. It is different from other programming languages, as you don't need to have lots of experience and further knowledge to deliver results. With GeneXus, all these tools are integrated for programming in multiple platforms, with stunning results.”