Success story
TurBus Chile
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Leading route technology

Tur Bus is one of Chile’s most important bus companies. It accessed the GeneXus world over a decade ago through its affiliate EGT, a company that implements the development of intelligent software. Today, this company is able to administer the data of each trip thanks to a number of web and mobile applications and a great control system with modules.

The fleet of the Tur Bus Group of approximately 1,700 buses transports passengers as well as cargo, and provides special transportation services for companies from areas like the mining industry.
Every day, as they cruise the routes, hundreds of buses record data onto a sophisticated management and monitoring system. EGT’s Systems Assistant Manager, Oscar Puentes, explained: “our company records millions of pieces of data that must be instantly retrieved and analyzed in order to find out the number of buses travelling each day and to keep control of the hours of driving and the status of routes. In this regard, GeneXus has enabled us to have an application that includes all such parameters and allows for a follow-up with which we can be alert all the time.”
Many of the developments they included over a decade ago are still functioning because “the tool is flexible enough to adapt to modern times. GeneXus represents technological modernization and enables us to be one step ahead at all times, with systems and tools that keep up with reality”.

The company has numerous branches throughout the country that have joined a standardized management system. “We must keep control of the points of sales, as well as income, expenses, tickets sold, parcels transported, agents, commissions and an endless number of variables. We also do an optimum planning of hours of driving and working hours of drivers with certain integrations. These integrations, in a system that was acquired from a Spanish company, are done through processes in web service, with the support of GeneXus,” Oscar Puentes explained.
Today, the industry is constantly facing the challenge of exploring and undertaking the new technological paradigms that lead to increased productivity and efficiency. Rodrigo Álvarez, GeneXus Country Manager for Chile and Argentina, says: “By integrating applications, companies are able to extend and improve their businesses, while facilitating the work of employees and enhancing relations with providers, as the link with customers becomes stronger. GeneXus is a tool capable of adapting to any business and be part of specific parameters in order to create mission critical applications on technological platforms.”
Along that path, Oscar Puentes told that the company is currently working in the field of mobile applications. Additionally, they have recently implemented a monitoring room with the location of the units of Tur Bus, where it is possible to obtain data in real time and do a follow up by applying information obtained from social networks.