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Tekhne and GeneXus develop a system for the early detection of conditions affecting patients

The Primary Care Management System, created by TEKHNE software house using GeneXus, makes it possible to offer patients online medical and pharmacological treatment.

TEKHNE has also developed specific features that run on mobile devices, especially oriented to field audits, appointment management and notifications.

TEKHNE is one of the most renowned software houses in Argentina, and was one of the first ones to select GeneXus at the beginning of the nineties. “After a comprehensive search in the market, at the time we made a strong bet on GeneXus. Now, after nearly 20 years using the tools, almost all our solutions are developed in GeneXus,” said Valeria Montonati, Consulting Director at TEKHNE SA.

TEKHNE specializes in the health sector, whether public or private. In this context, two systems have been developed: Informático Asistencial (healthcare software) and Gestión de Atención Primaria (primary care management). The first one is a system that allows management of the overall operations of a healthcare institution, and due to its efficiency it is used by organizations such as Instituto Provincial de Córdoba (Córdoba Province Institute - APROSS) with more than 500,000 beneficiaries and Obra Social Luis Pasteur (Luis Pasteur Healthcare Organization), among others.

The Primary Care Management System was designed for the end-to-end management of Healthcare Centers, enabling them to keep detailed medical records of each patient, complemented with appointment management. “Through the protocol module, it allows for the early detection of potential conditions for the patients under care in order to give them the corresponding treatment, both medical and pharmacological. It also enables online care through a healthcare network,” explained Ms. Montonati.

GeneXus has worked alongside the company in all these technology innovations during the past 20 years. “The benefits provided by the GeneXus tool have allowed us to avoid big impacts in our products or our team, which has been able to adapt to new technologies,” added Ms. Montonati.

In addition, GeneXus has enabled the coexistence of traditional environments and versions with the latest ones, allowing them to upgrade and migrate with excellent results. At present, because they are web systems, several portions of the systems can be run on tablets. Also, they have developed specific features to run on mobile devices, mainly oriented to field audits, appointment management and notifications.

“GeneXus not only allows us to achieve customer loyalty, but also provides our customers with greater loyalty from their own customers, thus creating a very virtuous circle,” concluded Matías Labombarda, Director of Toolnology, official distributor of GeneXus in Argentina.