Success story

A clear vision.

Tecnol is the leading manufacturer of eyeglass frames in Latin America. With more than 1400 employees and over 2.5 million eyeglass frames sold each year, the company  headquartered in Campinas, Brazil needed to streamline their sales cycle and expand the data available to business agents.

The company's continuous growth required an upgrade of the technology used to manage the sales cycle. That's why GeneXus and Heurys -GeneXus Distributor in Brazil- were the perfect fit, as they provided a flexible and agile solution.

A GeneXus application based on .Net was implemented with a MS SQL Mobile database, which enables Pocket PCs to be synchronized online with the factories of Grupo Tecnol using technologies such as 3G/EDGE/GPRS, Wi-Fi, ActiveSync and dial-up modem. In practice, business agents connect daily to update products, clients and accounts receivable in their Pocket PC databases. Thus, they go on their route and after each sale they activate the online transmission of the purchase order from any store in Brazil. At the same time, they receive an immediate confirmation of the processing by the factory.

The development of an online, multi-platform connection mechanism that maximized performance was one of the challenges that were not only met but exceeded. This was made possible by GeneXus' programming language independence and ability to integrate various technologies.