Success story
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Tecnisa develops new management systems

TECNISA is one of the largest and most innovative companies in Brazil’s real estate market

Tecnisa needed to develop a system for creating applications adaptable to the most popular languages and platforms in today’s market, but without any requirement to program. The system was meant to be used in six areas within the Company: Marketing, Accounts Receivable, Technical Assistance, Credit Analysis, New Business, and Customized Real Estate. The Company praised the GeneXus platform, thanks to which the Tecnisa Integrated System (SIT – “Sistema Integrado Tecnisa”) was created.

“When I first started at Tecnisa, the Company was already applying GeneXus. Nevertheless, we developed the SIT to monitor certain specific requirements, and then we decided to adopt it again, because it implies the possibility of easy and quick developments, in addition to allowing an excellent quality-price relationship,” said Tecnisa’s IT Manager Osvaldo Rodrigues.

Over 1,500 users, including in-house collaborators and external real estate agents, are currently using the system. The program adopted prior to implementing the SIT system was developed in Clipper, but is implied numerous limitations from the technological perspective, like the language, apart from not providing support for new technology.

“The new tool offers an easy language and the inclusion of new technology, while guaranteeing productivity and allowing the customization of the strategic aspects, as required by each business area within the Company. The system is also integrated with SAP and other legacy systems,” explained Cecilia Dantas who works as IT consultant for EASOF, a service provider of Tecnisa.

This construction company, which has been using GeneXus for over a decade, developed the SIT system with the Evolution 1 version, and it plans to, shortly, migrate to the latest upgrade: GX Evolution 3.