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Success story
Somos Software
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Chilean firms obtain outstanding results by incorporating technology with Somos Software

The wine industry, as well as financial companies like the Global Group, are some examples of successful Chilean enterprises that have increased achievements by adding technology to their daily processes.

The inclusion of technology as a solution for corporate issues has become the latest decision of numerous organizations. In addition to making many tasks easier, mobile platforms open a world of possibilities to explore and develop customized quality software at low cost.
Somos Software is a software engineering company in Chile that has been working in that market for the past three years, developing important projects with web and mobile applications, which were applied to the industry and have proven to increase productivity and facilitate tasks for employees, in addition to improving internal communications.
Mobile application for human resources
Achieving the successful management of human resources is a challenge for all companies. Besides searching for an efficient administration of their resources, creating improved products or services and increasing sales, the corporate world of today puts all efforts into the well-being of workers because, to a great extent, productivity also depends on them.
These days, much of what happens in companies does not reach the ears of competitors or those interested in those issues. And this situation leads to benefits, opportunities for promotions, security information and events going unnoticed for the main players inside the organization.
With the purpose of offering solutions to these problems, the software engineering firm Somos Software developed a mobile application to deliver data to the company’s groups of interest.
Somos Software’s Project Manager Rodrigo Cáceres, explains: “we wanted a more proactive way to get to the people, where the company would publish everything going on, as well as benefits available, meetings, security information and the like. It is information that must go after people and not the other way around.”

With the problem in mind, prior to starting the development process they designed a solution. “We decided to use GeneXus, as an intelligent tool that enabled us to develop the application and adapt it to the customer’s needs. In fact, this code generator did practically the whole job for us. We had the idea and by providing information on the environment GeneXus was capable of doing all the rest. It was not necessary to have a great infrastructure in order to create quality applications. This tool generates productivity and brings us closer to technology,” said Cáceres.
The application was implemented at a renowned Chilean wine company seven months ago. This development has turned into a key mechanism at the firm for transmitting messages differentiated by individual, by groups, by area, by department or to the whole base of individuals.
“For the system to work, it is not a requirement that all individuals have a smart-phone. With just 20% or 25% it is enough for the information to be replicated four times. When someone receives data of interest, it will be statistically transmitted to the individual’s four closest peers within the company,” he explained.
This application allows for the categorization of notifications, so the user can easily find what he needs. There is also a mechanism for direct messages to groups of individuals which allows for the information to reach only those necessary in the case of an event for a specific plant.
“What happened was that, today, many feel that their companies do not offer the possibility for professional growth, training or better opportunities. And this is often there and available, but no one is aware of it,” Rodrigo explained.
With this application, it is possible to know who verify their notifications and who receives the message, and the inclusion of a new functionality is currently being considered for the near future, where interconnectivity will be possible, with the inclusion of a claims module and another module for queries.  
Web application for vehicle financing
Another project of Somos Software relates to the automotive industry. The company developed an innovative web application for facilitating the process of distributors offering financing options. “An endless amount of data is required to apply for credit amounts and each financing company has its own particular method, so data is replicated as users apply. We created crediexpert.cl, where each distributor may upload data on quoted credit amounts, simulators, application data, and amounts granted by financing firms, among other things. The main idea is to have a CRM –Costumer Relationship Manager– everything that takes place at the credit industry” explained the Software Projects Manager.
This allows for sales representatives to enter data only once, and all financing companies can then received the data from the application. This web development is currently working with the Global Group, and two new financing companies will join them shortly. The Project Manager at Somos Software mentioned that “the whole process of application submission, reply by executives, applicable rate amounts, installments, values, and commission functions automatically. This means that just through a few web services, we will be integrating other financing firms in order to comprise a great portal with key information”.
In the opinion of Rodrigo Álvarez, Country Manager for GeneXus in Argentina and Chile: “An application including these features is widely accepted by companies because it leads to a great simplification of everyone’s work. Companies are currently in the trend of including mobile applications to facilitate tasks for their personnel, apart from improving their relations with providers and getting closer to their clientele. They are willing to explore, and GeneXus is capable of providing them with tools to create comprehensive solutions in a quick and simple manner.”