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SESA Select
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GeneXus-developed ERP system has regional reach

The ERP started as a solution developed in-house to meet a specific need of Grupo SESA Select, but due to its excellent performance it has been commercially distributed in several countries of the Americas. 

SESA Select is part of Randstad, the second largest HR services group worldwide.  Based in Holland, Randstad trades on the Amsterdam stock exchange and in 2008 its consolidated sales amounted to 2 billion Euro. With a successful 30-year track record and experience serving companies, Grupo SESA Select provides comprehensive Human Resources and Specialized Temporary Staffing solutions to a large portfolio of national and international clients in a wide range of industries through its various business units. At present, it also distributes its ERP technology, which has been installed in Chile, Mexico, and Argentina.
Up to 2002, Grupo SESA Select used commercial software running under DOS for its HR management. But then they realized an urgent need for solutions that still hadn't been included in the tool they were using: staffing and outsourcing services, and the ability to respond quickly to the legal and regulatory changes that occurred in relation to the employment of personnel. Among other things, they needed a comprehensive system that encompassed from the recruitment stage up to hiring staff. Besides, all this had to be supported on multi-company and scalable software, so as to allow for growth jointly with the number of payroll transactions (25,000 per month). 

In this context, they also realized the importance of having a Knowledge Base to replicate this experience, once it had been completed, to other companies of the holding that are dedicated to the same activity. Thus, GeneXus was selected to begin the in-house development of the ERP, as it met all their expectations and offered an opportunity for tailored development as well as the flexibility required for this kind of task.
GeneXus' stability and multiplatform features are essential for the commercial distribution of this ERP in the Americas. What started as an in-house development became a flagship product that is currently marketed in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Mexico under a SaaS model and through a Shared Services Center that is established in Argentina and encompasses other fields besides those related to IT.

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