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Paraguay’s National Service for Plant and Seed Quality and Health (SENAVE) selected GeneXus for developing its Operational IT System

Developing Gross Rating Point (GRP) with GeneXus raised productivity by 80% and brought savings of US$ 700,000

Paraguay’s National Service for Plant and Seed Quality and Health (“Servicio Nacional de Sanidad y Calidad Vegetal y de Semillas” - SENAVE), in charge of certifying exports and imports of plant products and by-products has selected GeneXus for the development of its Operational IT System (SIOS) and its GRP (Gross Rating Point), among other purposes.
“Our main requirement was to combine the various areas that take part in the different processes and achieve a single database in an agile, flexible and efficient manner. One of our main reasons for choosing GeneXus was the possibility of compiling on multiple platforms for a significant simplification in the development tasks,” explained SENAVE’s Systems Director Mr. Carlos Larán. “To this end, we needed a cutting-edge tool adaptable to the market and agile enough for developing the projects proposed.”
SENAVE’s main objective is to provide support to the national agro-productive policy by increasing the levels of competitiveness, sustainability and equity in the agricultural sector through an improvement of the quality, phyto-sanitary conditions, and genetic purity of productive resources, in addition to preventing effects on human, animal and plant populations and the environment by ensuring their harmlessness.
“Prior to developing our Operational IT System with GeneXus we were using R:BASE, electronic worksheets and physical files on paper for storing data. All this led to repetitive processes and difficulties in obtaining the information necessary, and also caused lack of communication between the areas involved. Now, the processes that used to take up to two weeks may be solved in just a couple of days,” said Larán. “If we consider the time devoted to development and the number of modules that comprise the GRP, choosing GeneXus has saved us close to US$ 700,000, in addition to an increase in productivity of 80%,” he added in reference to the economic and productive benefits obtained. 

The system's development implied nearly two years of work for five programmers, using the incremental development method and a Client/Server architecture. As Larán explained, “The staff’s training in the use of GeneXus was quite short due to its simplicity.”
To this date, SENAVE has managed to fully digitize its database and has continued to develop different kinds of services with GeneXus, such as the SISEM (Seeds Computer Data System), a system for lab sample reception, and a system for web queries in relation to seed labeling.
About Paraguay’s National Service for Plant and Seed Quality and Health (SENAVE)
It was created by means of Law No. 2459 of 4 October 2004, as an autonomous entity resulting from the merging of the National Plant Defense Authority, the Seeds Authority, the Cotton and Tobacco Control Authority, and the Internal and External Trade Office for Plant Products and By-products.