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ChatGPT and GeneXus: Revolutionizing Payroll Management with RHello

The Human Resources system developed with GeneXus has added functionalities, such as the chatbot and online admission, reducing analysts' time by 45% and increasing user productivity by 300%.

Technology company RHello has updated its web platform for automated payroll calculation and benefits management.

The system, developed with GeneXus technology distributed by Business Xtreme Technologies, uses Artificial Intelligence to automate real-time monitoring, analysis, and updating of all processes affecting payroll.

For this update, the platform integrated with ChatGPT, allowing users to obtain a complete job description simply by typing the function's name within the system.

"This work would have taken us much more time if we had used a manual programming platform. Aspects like this make GeneXus Low-Code a great advantage," explains Sidilei Fidlerski, CEO of RHello.

The solution also incorporated a module that allows for employee self-admission, meaning that upon being hired, employees themselves upload their documents and personal information into the system. This function optimizes the work of the Human Resources (HR) department, saving up to 70% of the time in the process of integrating new collaborators, who also receive documents for electronic signature online.

The addition of a feature for the area of Medicine and Occupational Safety is another novelty.

The RHello platform also integrated with a Business Intelligence (BI) system through the WorkWithPlus (WWP) tool, allowing customers to develop their own control panels and customize the design according to their preferences.

Fidlerski revealed that, combining all the new updates, the application has allowed a 45% reduction in the working time of HR analysts.

Currently, RHello is used by more than 40 employers and companies offering Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services.

"The main goal of GeneXus is to develop scalable platforms that can be updated according to companies' needs. RHello is an excellent example of a company that has improved its system and added new functionalities with the support of Low-Code," adds Ricardo Recchi, Country Manager of GeneXus for Brazil, Portugal, and Cape Verde.