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Success story

In the Appropriate Field.

Nelore Breeders' Association of Brazil is the organization that unites breeders of Nelore, an elite breed of feeder cattle.

The Association needed to integrate all system areas of the company while managing the internal processes of the various areas of the association, and display the results on a single site. The Association was also looking for an internal administrative system which could be integrated with other regional associations of the Nelore breed to enable the quick exchange of information.

The solution for meeting these needs is based on three fundamental pivots: GeneXus, GXflow, and GXportal. In the first stage, the main internal applications were developed with GeneXus, starting with the finance department so that the company could keep operating. The next step concerned the area of the National Ranking, one of the areas in highest demand, using GXflow as application engine in the installation sequence. Lastly, GXportal was used for developing the Association's web site, completely integrated with the workflows.

One internal application server supports the company's operational database and the internal Workflow engine, while GXportal is installed on a web server and handles the external areas, such as the Association site. This was tested at the Expoinel 2007 –the Association's main event- with over 600 external users, with no performance problem; internally, the work involved 50 concurrent users from various localities of the country.