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Success story
Multillantas Nieto
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Multillantas Nieto increased productivity by 50% with smart devices and GeneXus

By developing and implementing an application to solve its business process, the tire company Multillantas Nieto managed to keep track of its services and customers at low cost and with great efficiency.

In addition to changing the ways in which people communicate, mobile devices have also brought a revolution to the corporate and work world. In Mexico only, according to a study carried out by The Competitive Intelligence Unit consultants, the corporate applications market reached 11.5 million users in the first quarter of  2014, and the figures are expected to be on the rise. According to the 2014  International Tablet Survey, at present, at least 9 in every 10 CIOs worldwide (except for Japan where the figure is 83 %) report that tablets are already part of or are being considered to become part of the company’s IT offer, or also allow employees to use their own devices. 

Multillantas Nieto is a tire distributor and service provider founded in 1993 that is well aware of the referred trend, and has thus decided to develop its own application for smart devices, which has implied an increase in productivity of 50%. The company plans to recover the amounts invested, in both development and devices, within a year’s time.

“A few years ago, we started to consider the amount of time applied in preparing reports for our customers, which included tire, vehicle and service controls, as well as performance data, tire wear, the top manufacturer, and the cost of tire work for customers, all in specific reports. The solution for this was to have a technician carry out a data survey on a printed format, then return to the office and capture the data to later prepare the whole report. It was at that point that we started developing a tool to achieve a more agile process,” said César Martínez, the developer of Multillantas Nieto.

This tool, created with GeneXus, allows the company the possibility to offer customers an online information service, where they may query and monitor the operational logistics on the internet, in addition to the state of their vehicles in real time. Additional benefits achieved in different processes include the non-use of paper in specific areas, and an increase of the objectives fulfilled, of up to 90%.

The application was developed within a six-month period, and the company’s decision was to develop the solution with GeneXus, a tool which they were already applying that enabled a partially automatic process to reduce programming time.

After developing and implementing this application, Multillantas Nieto now has available, at low cost, an efficient control system applicable to services and customers. Martínez also commented that this solution has enabled them to work with a method more transparent to customers, “This software has increased our customers’ level of satisfaction and trust, because it implies the possibility of having all information in real time.”