Success story

A Tailor Made CRM

It was as a garage startup. Today Mormaii is one of the most important surfer product companies worldwide. And, as it could not be any other way, used GeneXus for the development of its new CRM.

With an average growth of over 40% in the last 4 years, 150 employees in the Garopaba factory and a network of 25 shops and 37 licensed manufactures in the world, Mormaii felt the need to implement Costumer Relationship Management (CRM).

ISO Enterprise, based in Curitiba, was chosen to provide the system that it started implement in April of this year. Certified by Artech as best Beta Tester of version 9.0 of GeneXus, ISO Enterprise implemented the CRM ISOGesac developed with GeneXus in Mormaii: an integrated modular solution for customer service, by means of which the company identifies the needs and compiles the information, and which offers a knowledge based of the corporate market (clients, consumers, perspectives and competitors) for the areas of marketing and quality.

The objective is for Mormaii to know and manage its market practically and innovatively, according to its already consolidated behavior. An example of the company's commitment with technology is its factory in the coastal area of Santa Catarina, with 6,000 square meters of modern installations and cutting edge equipment, which enables the company to face ferocious international competition by focusing on research and development of its products.