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Success story

Data Automation, Security and Accuracy.

With the assistance of TechPG and a GeneXus-developed Web application, the Michigan Department of Treasury (US) succeeded in standardizing and improving bond and loan management.

TechPG followed the State's structured software development and project management methodologies, policies, standards and guidelines and the application was designed to comply with all applicable State IT standards.

TechPG used the GeneXus IDE to prototype a system that integrated the functions and operations of the two independent systems and multiple spreadsheets and interfaced with outside data sources. By using a prototype approach and incremental changes, the Bureau staff was able to understand the application's processing and how it would be used to meet their needs.

The GeneXus-developed system allowed us to use business analysts with technical skills as opposed to “heavy” technical resources, which eliminates the task of translating user needs to technical staff.

According to TechPG: "Using technically-savvy business analysts to program in GeneXus and given the amount of “heavy lifting” GeneXus does through code generation, we estimate that GeneXus saves us more than 70 percent of the normal development and testing effort experienced on other government systems development projects.”

In sum, services to loan program members were improved through the automation of manual processes while enhancing the accuracy of loan program information and program accountability through the consolidation of bond records.