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Meus correios
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A franchised agency of postal service increases productivity with an application developed in GeneXus

The solution allows for the automation of package deliveries between postal services franchisees and their clients, contributing to the improvement of efficiency and safety in deliveries.

A franchised Postal Agency in the interior of the state of São Paulo, acquired the MeusCorreios application developed by Chip On Informática and made it available, free of charge, to its clients in order to facilitate and automate package deliveries. The solution was created using GeneXus's Low-Code platform, a leader in this type of software for over 30 years, and was provided by its regional distributor, Business Xtreme Technologies.

The application allows clients to generate their own shipping labels, eliminating the need to handwrite the address on boxes, and streamlining the process at the agency, which is exempt from entering the data into Correios' central system.

Upon collecting the package, the franchisee's professionals need to verify the packages sent by clients, a process that is carried out by placing the objects on scales or cubing conveyors, which are linked to the application and perform the weighing and measuring of the packages.

The branch's owner partner says that with the implementation of MeusCorreios, and its integration with scales and conveyors, the branch managed to increase its productivity and reduce its operating expenses. "We had a good reduction in operating costs, as well as being able to increase productivity and effectiveness in the package delivery process, reducing the physical work of employees".

MeusCorreios, which can also be integrated with e-commerce platforms and enterprise management systems, has other advantages. Through dashboards, it is possible to obtain the status of each order, alerting to any delays or delivery problems, which allows for timely decision-making. In addition, the solution offers the budget for reverse logistics, which contributes to the client's calculation of shipping costs already accounting for the costs of a return.

So far, about 200 clients are using the system at the agency for at least some part of the package delivery process. It is also worth noting that, since most of these users operate in the e-commerce sector, the application generates a reduction in operational costs, as these deliveries are generally made in bulk.

The CEO of the system developer Chip On Informática, Hilton Chipon Jr, comments that the application is intuitive, easy to use, and contributes to the reduction of errors when filling out the postage labels. "MeusCorreios is an essential tool for Correios agencies seeking to increase their logistics efficiency and improve the customer experience. And, being a solution developed on the GeneXus Low-Code platform, it not only promotes a more intuitive process but also allows for improvements and parameterizations in the tool according to each operation," explains the CEO of Chip On.

The executive also comments that the application has been widely used, with over 140 agencies using the system, as well as various customers who are not connected to any franchise and use the application. Chipon revealed that in March alone, MeusCorreios added more than 500,000 pre-postings for about four thousand users, totaling more than one million objects managed from 12 thousand customers, in addition to handling almost 20,000 reverse logistics.

The country manager of GeneXus in Brazil, Portugal, and Cape Verde, Ricardo Recchi, also highlights the security differential. "We offer advanced resources that guarantee the protection of customers' data and sensitive information. With this, MeusCorreios could be developed securely and reliably, which contributed to the success of the project," concludes Recchi.