Success story
Madame Hibou
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An original case combining fashion, science and e-commerce with GeneXus

Madame Hibou, a Uruguayan garment trademark inspired in the world of science, introduces its new e-commerce site. Thanks to the flexibility, speed and multi-platform nature of GeneXus, our technology was considered the best option to produce this platform with top-level design.

Madame Hibou is a nouvelle trademark of garments inspired in the world of science, devised at Ingenio. It has been recognized by both the UNESCO and the CB Biology Research Institute (“Instituto de Investigaciones Biológicas Clemente Estable” - IIBCE) in Uruguay. The brand may then be self-defined as full with design and content and strongly related to technology and a commitment towards scientific knowledge.

In May 2014 the brand launched its online shopping site, as a result of applying GeneXus to the agile development of this global level e-commerce site.

Dr. Victor Sabbia, who is in charge of the technology project, explained: “Our idea was to generate an e-commerce site with top level design and sophisticated controls to allow a unique user experience. Madame-Hibou is a garment trademark aimed at being positioned in the market through a detailed development of its products with a novel proposal which is the bond between science and fashion.”

As Sabbia expressed: “The e-commerce site shows how it is possible to generate very sophisticated interfaces with GeneXus by applying user controls. Specifically, the outstanding objects in the interface are the product grid, the product detail with magnifier controls, and the campaign grid in pinterest style.”

Shortly after the site’s release, the brands visual impact has produced high numbers in sales and a widespread impact in social networks.