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Success story

La Virginia

ERP Solution Using GeneXus

Cafés La Virginia S.A. started operations as a family enterprise in 1915. Located in the city of Rosario, Argentina, it currently serves over 75,000 customers, has 17 branches (only in Argentina) and operates in over 15 countries. The growing internal demand and the demand of its customers abroad in addition to the launch of new products have lead to a visible increment in the company's operations.

The company faced a complex situation to be solved as regards production planning:  simulation, redevelopment and rescheduling; visualization of annual, monthly and weekly programs; control of the direct impact of stopover plans for preventive maintenance and information management for finances and costs, among other tasks.

After a selection process that lasted over 15 months, they selected GACI as supplier of the IT solution. GACI ERP is a solution that includes 23 modules from administrative accounting and financial management, inventory management, sales, exports, imports, fixed assets, procurement, budgeting, planning, cost, time, HR, CRM, Board of integrated command , etc., until espcificas solutions for Agro, consumer goods, medical laboratories, textile companies, media publicity and food.

The main objectives were the optimization of the use of the plant capacity through careful planning (12 mobile months) and weekly production programming. Its objective was also achieving greater integration, consistency and management of administrative financial information and implementing a measuresbased management model that would guarantee the correct monitoring of each area actions.

The selected solution offered a complete vision in real time of all the company activities. Nowadays, there are over 40,000 objects and 2,000 tables generated in a GeneXus environment.