Success story
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95% savings in Mexico on friendly training, thanks to GeneXus.

For the past ten years, KPMG Mexico, one of the most prestigious firms in professional services and consulting worldwide, has been taking advantage of the stability and flexibility offered by the GeneXus platform. Prior to this, they needed a development  tool for creating supplements for their ERP, the core of their technology ecosystem, while assuring permanence in time despite changes in development suites and versions, in addition to reducing maintenance costs and keeping a quick update in their business objectives. All that was possible thanks to GeneXus.


In 2011, KPMG Mexico decided to change the assessment method applied to evaluate the company’s employees’ knowledge of the English language, called SAEE (Self Access English Examination), which was developed seven years ago on .Net and SQL Server 2005, including copyrights, and went for a friendlier intranet version that also enables them to do a follow-up on the progress of each user and the results obtained. This solution is fully integrated with the firm’s database. They called upon Fusion IT to develop an application with GeneXus, aimed at fulfilling said requirements. According to José Alberto Arenas Guzmán, Information Technology Manager at KPMG Mexico, the new application for the English language assessment system not only fulfills all of KPMG’s requirements regarding functionality, technology and good practices but also includes an excellent visual design that is easy-to-use and user friendly. 
With this new tool, released internally in the corporation to be used by 80% of the staff at the Mexico office, the consulting firm’s training budget in English language was optimized by 20% to 25%. However, in general terms, the investment required for developing this is only 5% of what traditional staff training would have cost, and this will allow multiplied results because it will enable the company to both accurately assess each user’s learning level, and also keep record of their progress throughout their personal career at KPMG.
According to José Alberto Arenas, the greatest advantage in developing with GeneXus is that the suite solves numerous things that enable intelligent management on different platforms, because it automatically produces code through an expert system. And this reduces the time necessary for purifying and producing applications, while it saves on development costs and does not imply depending on a company for maintenance. It also makes it easier to document things for the user, and quickly shows prototypes of the application required, as it also simplifies any necessary corrections. 
Despite the fact that the SAEE system has been developed for the staff at the Mexico location, the idea is now to share it with other offices in Central America.