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GeneXus Technology Adopted at Argentinean Diagnostic and Treatment Center

Argentina’s Instituto Argentino de Diagnóstico y Tratamiento (IADT), a diagnostic and treatment center, has adopted GeneXus technology to start designing and developing healthcare-related mobile applications.

“We knew about GeneXus thanks to my colleagues’ excellent experience with it, but at the product presentation I was able to confirm that it offers superior technical advantages over other tools”, explained Patricia Jürgensen, IT Systems Manager at the Institute.

The healthcare center provides diagnosis as well as clinical and surgical treatments using state-of-the-art technology. Ms. Jürgensen affirmed that they undertake each new development with the strongest commitment on professional, scientific and ethical levels. Thus, they conducted the search that ended in the selection of Toolnology, a GeneXus distributor in Argentina. “We’re continuously searching for the best advantages for the patient, who is the end user of our services", she added.
The Institute’s staff also highlighted GeneXus’ agility and ease of use to maintain and develop applications. “We’ve started with healthcare-related applications, but we’re planning to replace all our developments; in addition to its development agility, both the maintenance and licensing costs are much lower”, stressed Ms. Jürgensen.