Success story
Grupo Riquelme
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Group Riquelme Paraguay has new software for sales, distribution and logistics

CPG Soft implemented CPG Premium® and CPG Mobile – a sales and distribution solution developed in GeneXus for the Paraguayan industrial group.

The Riquelme Group -one of Paraguay´s main industrial and business groups- has implemented a sales, distribution and logistics software (CPG Premium® and CPG Mobile®) meant for its beverage division (Emcesa).

Emcesa is leader among soft drink companies, with its brands “Niko” and “De la Costa” representing 35% of the market share. Additionally, it also operates in the beer market with three brand names: Victoria, Munich and Polar, and in the water business with two trademarks (Soda Central and Aguas De la Costa).

So far, the implementation project has had two stages. The first stage corresponded, in July 2014, to the system installation at the distribution center located in Encarnación, the capital city of the Department of Itapuá.

The stage included the implementation of the business back office (CPG Premium®) and the full automation of the sales force at that distribution center, with 25 sales routes where the mobile sales system CPG Mobile® was installed with Android operating system.

This successful implementation was carried out in combination with staff members of EMCESA who joined the personnel at the distribution center and other staff from CPG Soft.

The sales people had the chance to live a totally new experience by changing their usual handwritten order forms to applying smart devices in taking orders from customers and for managing their points of sales.

The second stage consisted of the installation carried out in the city of Asunción, where the concentrated over 80% of its sales. This center has been functioning since October 2014.

The work team was made up with key users from all areas in the Company, and a team of implementators from CPG Soft, where a variety of training workshops were offered for all processes relative to CPG Premium® and Mobile.

The Asunción center now administers two different sales forces, with over 170 routes for sales and approximately 100 delivery routes.

The next stage will be to implement CPG GoSales® in order to emulate the direct sales force processes for exclusive Distributors.