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Insurance companies already benefit from mobile applications

With the help of GeneXus’ dynamic tools, Colinet Trotta developed GAUSmobile: a mobile application for insurance companies.

GAUSmobile is a solution meant for insurance companies that is oriented at smart phones and tablets. It was developed by the software Factory from Rosario Colinet Trotta. The tool originated as a result of the worldwide technology trends that prioritize instant access to data and mobility. In order to abide by international guidelines, it was fully developed with GeneXus.

“The challenge was to break away from old computer paradigms where users had to remain in front of their screens to access systems or obtain data,” Technology Projects Manager Mauro Albertengo explained. “But today, amidst the boom of mobile devices and internet accessed through them, we can positively think of agile, instant-access systems with business processes flowing regardless of where they are triggered from.”

GAUSmp is the only full-web and multi-platform insurance core which, combined with high parameterization becomes a solution applicable in organizations of any size. The core includes a smart device sub-module called GAUSmobile, to conform a system that enables customers the possibility of issuing insurance policies for touring seacraft from their own cell phones, and provides solutions for solving vehicle inspection issues. “With GAUSmobile, companies may increase their sales by issuing insurance policies beyond office hours and from any location,” Albertengo pointed out.

Because it is a native application, GAUSmobile allows the use of all the functions found in the devices used nowadays: mechanical assistance may be requested thorough customer geo-location, by guiding inspectors with Google maps, and taking photos with the cameras built in telephones, among other features available. But, most of all, because it was developed with GeneXus, the application enables companies to work with basic functions without the need for internet connections. “Offline applications represent a great advantage for companies because they allow active operations regardless of the connectivity available at the time. This is very important at times when the company’s staff is located in areas with varied levels of connectivity,” observed Rodrigo Alvarez, GeneXus Country Manager for Argentina and Chile.

Aligned with the worldwide trend toward smart devices, and upon the release of GeneXus Evolution 2, GAUSmobile is also meant to provide enhanced services to the customers of insurance companies. The application has functionalities to inquire on policies, payments, maturities, and coverage dates, and it also includes more complex functions such as requests for mechanical aid based on GPS, and a reporting module for loading photos of accidents through an assistant in order to quickly start the administrative requirements for the case, without the need to go by the offices.

Thanks to the dynamic tools that GeneXus has to offer, Colinet Trotta managed to generate mobile applications with the speed and effectiveness that customers require. This company from Rosario has obviously maintained its top ranking as pioneer in the generation of value solutions that fulfill the needs of insurance companies.  “Undoubtedly, GAUSmobile is a highly efficient corporate tool that not only boosts sales. It can also reduce insurance fraud and provides an agile service to the insured,” Albertengo concluded.