Success story
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GeneXus led to 500% optimization in Furukawa Corporation’s software development

With its .Net operating system developed in GeneXus, the Furukawa glass company has been able to integrate its production, invoicing and accounting processes

The Furukawa Corporation is an entrepreneurial group, provider of glass for the construction industry, founded in 1950 at a small shop located on 28 de Julio Ave in Lima. With its more than six decades of permanent business activity, the company has been participant in the changes occurred both in the local and international markets, and has become a solid firm with ongoing advances that have enabled it to adapt to the changes and growth aspects of the global market. At present, the company is founded on four business pillars: distribution, buildings, industrial aluminum, and interior design.
By mid 1997, at the light of the fast-paced advances in equipment technology, the company was growing upon a high market demand and required the implementation of a comprehensive system to unify the company’s processes.  
At the time, Furukawa’s operating system was applicable only to simple invoicing and accounting functions and covered only six desktop computers.  

“Our lack of IT resources implied a meager control of the company’s processes, which led to the disorderly functioning of several areas in the firm. And this was the cause of differences and irregularities in resource management, resulting in profits lost,” said Juan Aguirre, Furukawa Corporation’s Systems Manager.
Also, and to complicate things even more, the company expanded onto other industries such as aluminum production, which meant opening new plants in Lima. This called for the development of a quite complex operating system capable of including an dynamizing all functions in the company.
Amidst this scenario, Aguirre started working with a team of two developers to define a pilot software for integrating the corporation’s production, logistics, sales, accounting and invoicing processes to make the company more dynamic and increase its growth and effectiveness. All this, considering its adaptability to the new business fronts that the company will be targeting in the future.  
To develop that software, they started working on small systems for one of the company’s core businesses: tempered glass coating for buildings, aided by the GeneXus tool.
Thanks to the practical features in the tool and the support provided by experts from AB&AB, GeneXus’ International distributor in Peru, the team’s training was completed in just twenty-days’ time, with almost no investments required. They then started to develop a system to integrate the referred processes.  
By mid 2001, four years after commencing the work with GeneXus, the development department managed to implement the whole operating system for integrating the four business pillars of the Furukawa Corporation. The software continues to be applied today, and has proven to render very good results in optimizing development tasks.

“Using GeneXus enabled us to focus exclusively on developing the business and on optimizing processes. We no longer had to be concerned with programming issues, since GeneXus covered all that. Thanks to it, we were able to optimize software development within the company up to 500% since we started to operate with this tool,” expressed the Systems Manager.  
It should be noted that, the development department is currently working on the finishing details of a new, BPM-based corporate system developed with GeneXus Evolution. This new software will allow the monitoring of every operation carried out at each of the company’s four establishments. The software will be implemented on the 280 computers that the company works with today.