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Success story
Fuerza Aérea Brasileña
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Brazilian Air Force uses procurement system developed with GeneXus

With GeneXus, R2Tech could commit to deliver the system in six months while competitors estimated it would take two years

The procurement of parts and services for the Brazilian Air Force (Força Aérea Brasileira, FAB) through international bidding is controlled and automated using the Government's eProcurement system. For ten years, the system developed by R2Tech with GeneXus has handled all the requests made by the Brazilian Aeronautical Commission in Washington, United States (CABW).
The system has been in use since 2002, the year when R2Tech won the bid by committing to deliver the project within six months, while the other companies estimated a two-year timeframe. “GeneXus enabled us to make this bold proposal. We were used to the development speed provided by this tool and, for this reason, we were able to offer a shorter timeframe and deliver the project in the specified period of time,” explains the president of R2Tech, Roberto Florez.
The Government's eProcurement system stands out because of its intensive use of the Internet, not only by those who place orders for materials and by the vendors who take part in these processes, but also in the internal management of all bids. In every step of the procurement process, digital signatures and mostly paperless formalizations are used.
The first version of the system already offered a portal for vendors and, during these ten years, it has been technologically upgraded in terms of environment, server and database versions. GeneXus is the tool that makes this development possible.

“At first we were concerned with specifications and business rules. Now, ten years later, after using various technologies such as CGI-BIN, Java, IIS, and different stages of Oracle databases, most of the ‘GeneXus code’, or rather business rules, continue to be the same. This is undoubtedly one of the great advantages of using GeneXus,” affirms Daniel Luis Silva, the director responsible for the product at R2Tech.
About the solution
The new requests for materials are automatically entered through an interface with the logistics department of the Brazilian Air Force in Brazil. Among the registered vendors, the system determines which ones are capable of meeting the technical specifications of the requested material and prepares the order. In addition, it monitors the reception of materials, late delivery charges, storage and shipment with load manifest, payment of invoices and treasury, including financial applications.
The system maintains an automatic interface with the Federal Government's Integrated Financial Administration System (SIAFI), complementing it with details of all the stages in the process. It allows for several integrations and automatic processes that ensure seamless interoperability with other government modules and platforms. It also includes process and document workflow, digital signature and certification, and Real Time Tracking, which make it possible to automatically and immediately track the materials purchased, delivered and in transit by reading bar codes. An online auction is also included.
Procurement module extension
In addition, R2Tech has developed the "Transportation Module", an extension that integrates GeneXus with FAB's Integrated Logistics Services and Materials System (SILOMS). This module automatically controls load distribution in the Brazilian territory, significantly improving the logistics department of the Brazilian Air Force with intensive use of RFID -"tag" with radio-frequency emitter.
“The Transportation Module has revolutionized transportation logistics in the Brazilian Air Force. For more than sixty years, the Brazilian Air Force has coordinated transportation logistics by phone, telex and fax. Today, we have a cutting edge IT tool,” says Brigadier Edgard de Oliveira Junior, director of the Brazilian Air Force Logistics Department (CELOG). The Brazilian Aeronautical Commission (CABW) reports to this department.