Success story
Metalúrgica Fey
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Metalúrgica Fey selected GeneXus to ensure productivity

The company manufactures metal fasteners for customers across Brazil and other South American countries

Metalúrgica Fey S.A., one of the largest fastener manufacturers in Brazil, has been operating for 45 years in Brazil and other South American countries including Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Chile and Ecuador. To ensure its productivity, Fey selected GeneXus for the development of software systems.

The company adopted GeneXus in the year 2000, and before that they used DataFlex. GeneXus was chosen to develop their systems in order to manage their factory operations and cover all the company's areas.

“With GeneXus we obtained excellent results in terms of development time,” explains Jairo Odeli, Information Technology Supervisor at Metalúrgica Fey. Also, he adds: “we have a small development team and the volume of activity is huge. That's why we chose GeneXus: because it ensures productivity.”

About Metalúrgica Fey

METALÚRGICA FEY LTDA, one of the biggest fastener manufacturers in Brazil,  has nearly 500 employees. It produces steel nuts since 1966, clamps and pins since 1996 and hex bolts since 1998. It is capable of manufacturing 1,800 tons per month, and supplies the automotive, motorcycle and agricultural sectors. FEY is located in Indaial, Santa Catarina, in the  southern region of Brazil. The main destinations of its exports are South American countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Chile and Ecuador.