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Success story
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EntrenarSe is an online training service in the cloud.

It has five years of experience providing distance training to more than 40,000 people in the areas of education, government, health and the pharmaceutical industry.

It was developed using GeneXus Evolution 2 by First Outsourcing Choice.

EntrenarSe is an online platform built from the ground up with GeneXus Evolution 2, which helps companies of any size succeed in the troublesome and costly task of providing training to its employees. How? It uses the Internet to make the training programs available from anywhere, anytime. In addition, it offers a wide range of reports with statistics that simplify the continuous monitoring of its participants (measuring the effectiveness of the training programs and long-term knowledge retention).

Technologies used to implement the education platform

The platform was developed with GeneXus X Evolution 2 and its creators -as explained by Diego Ríos from First Outsourcing Choice- resorted to features such as building security using GAM, integration of various technologies, and the possibility, which will be available in the near future, to build apps for different technologies in smart devices. It should be pointed out that at present the platform can be used in iPad tablets.

In addition, Ríos also highlighted the advantages offered by GeneXus when it comes to providing applications in various technologies using a single KB and the same resources.

Advantages provided by EntrenarSe

-       Training doesn’t require going to a certain location; it can be obtained at your place of work or after work from the comfort of your home. In this way, there are no travel expenses involved, and no time or energy demands that could negatively affect the learning process.
-       The training course is stored in the cloud and for this reason it is available at any time to be distributed to new employees. This is ideal for companies with high staff turnover.
-       It’s easy to use and offers all the tools needed to create a complete course.

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Main features

About First Outsourcing Choice

First Outsourcing Choice is a software development and consulting company (software house) that relies on the experience of its founders on several technology areas, including data management, telecommunications (voice and data) and the Web. Developments are made on multiple platforms using incremental development paradigms, “war programming” and operating systems in real time and cloud computing, all this using multiple programming languages.
At present, 1OC is opening new markets in the US, Argentina, Uruguay and Spain through its network of programmers and resellers, not only by undertaking consulting and development projects for third parties, but also creating a series of in-house products that will be released to the market soon.


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