Success story

Smart Parking Meter with GeneXus

Relevamientos Catastrales has developed, with the help of GeneXus, a mobile application for knowing, in real time, which parking spots are available along the street and pay for them with previously bought credits acquired through virtual loading.

Thanks to GeneXus technology, the Municipality of the City of Resistencia now has an innovative vehicle parking system known as “Estacionamiento Único Medido (EMI)” consisting of a self-managed mechanism allowing drivers an easier and more convenient use of public urban space.

“When we proposed the project, the idea was to have a mobile application for cell phones to enable credit loading and online vehicle parking, while avoiding card duplication and offering drivers the possibility of having all transactions registered on vouchers,” said Relevamientos Catastrales’ Systems Manager Porfirio Brizuela.

The executive explained that the challenge lied in having a mobile application to facilitate payments for vehicle parking and data on spots available in Resistencia’s downtown core in the Province of Chaco. “The best way to it was to rely on the support of GeneXus. We have been applying this tool in all our projects for the past 17 years. And we have even used almost every version, starting with 5.6 to version 13 known as EVO3,” Brizuela pointed out.

In this respect, Toolnology’s Matías Labombarda, manager at the tool’s official distributor in Argentina, emphasized that transparency and self-management are vital when it comes to digital city development.  “Offering GeneXus not only enables us to have customer loyalty but also provides customers with the possibility of generating solutions that have an effect on the everyday life of all citizens,” he said.

The system Estacionamiento Medido Inteligente (EMI), which is Spanish for “Smart Parking Meter” represents a significant advance for parking systems with orderly and improved city traffic based on the latest technology available.