Success story

Great Performance both on Paper and in Reality.

The recycling and marketing of all types of paper and its byproducts are the main activities of Dispapeles.

In a context of financial crisis, the Colombian company decided to look for new market niches through the Internet, for which it faced the need to upgrade and customize its software platform to provide the functionalities suitable for the company's activities.

Thus, after a long search it adopted GeneXus to custom develop a production system in record time. A Web outsourcing system and a Web quoting system had to be created to meet the market's needs. Dispapeles used GeneXus to develop manufacturing software based on standard costs, and systematized the company's business management by creating inventory, portfolio, accounting, accounts payable, sales and billing applications. In addition, it developed two Web applications: one meant to support the outsourcing of supplies, and another to manage and track quotes of the production plant. 

"The biggest challenge was to develop applications in record time at lower costs and within the same timeframe it would've traditionally taken to implement a pre-packaged solution," highlighted Ezequiel Porras, Systems Director at Dispapeles.