Success story
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DHL brings the Americas together

The solution implemented with GeneXus by Datalogic and Frankley Covey Uruguay known as GIRH (Overall Human Resources Management as per its Spanish Acronym) -which makes it possible to articulate HR data from 30 countries throughout the American continent- was chosen by DHL to operate in the region.

DHL is a world-famous company globally acknowledged for the comprehensive courier services it provides, including customized solutions based on customer needs. The company, which administers and transports correspondence, goods and data, was founded in San Francisco over four decades ago. It has since become an international network that includes more than 190 countries, and is currently part of the group Deutsche Post DHL, leader in logistics.
In 2009, started searching for specific software to centralize and manage all data relative to its human resources in 30 countries included in its operation throughout the Americas. As a result, DHL found GIRH, a solution jointly developed with GeneXus by Datalogic and Franklin Covey Uruguay.
Datalogic’s Director Gustavo Charbonnier explained that they chose GeneXus to develop their technology solutions because “from the technical viewpoint, we have the guarantee of long-term productivity and flexibility; and on the business side, we have the possibility of joining other solutions from the regional GeneXus Community to work and generate business together”
With this project, DHL managed to have a comprehensive solution that has been materialized on a single database for all its operations. This enables easy access to updated and centralized information that helps towards improved decision-making, in addition to the possibility of assessing the company’s human resources at each of its operational bases. 
Frankley Covey Uruguay: