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Success story
Decisão Sistemas
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Decisão Sistemas creates new application with GeneXus for self-employed truck drivers

With this application truck drivers receive freight requests according to the characteristics of their vehicle at any time and place.

Decisão Sistemas –a Brazilian company specialized in developing software solutions for the factoring and collection segments– has recognized the market's need for a way to help truck drivers pick up loads at any location, while allowing shippers to monitor the progress of their cargo so that trucks don't travel empty and loads aren't unnecessarily delayed. With this in mind, Decisão Sistemas has just released an app called Zummm, developed with GeneXus –a software development tool that allows creating applications for the market's most popular languages and platforms with no need for programming.
Zummm allows drivers who are up to 150 km (93 miles) away from an offer's location to receive it  depending on the characteristics of their vehicle. The app is the first digital agent in Latin America. It not only posts freight requests, but also enables the shipper -the person or company that makes the offer- to monitor the journey from the moment the cargo is loaded into the truck until it is delivered at destination. Thus, shippers can track trucks along their entire route, and even know if the load will arrive at the estimated time.    
Truck drivers can download the app for free, and must stay online to receive requests near their location. This new app brings great agility to the process; with it, a single request can reach over 80 thousand truck drivers and be viewed by many drivers at the same time.