Success story
David Del Curto

Internal Web development with GeneXus for streamlined exports management

Chilean company David del Curto S.A. ─a major company in the fruit industry and leader in fresh fruit exports ─ chose GeneXus X to undergo a technological renovation and facilitate documentation management in the interaction with customs services.

To this purpose, internal development was carried out for the integration of tools allowing work through the Web to enable the implementation of solutions for streamlined, dynamic internal networks without any connectivity limitation that proved useful for both internal users in the company and related services companies.

The company's need was solved with the DUS operating system for air shipping ─an internal development based on a WEB platform using GeneXus X with a Java generator ─that applies reverse engineering in order to incorporate the knowledge model from the current system (Cobol/400), so that appropriate business rules and processes may be reused. This was done under a system with a completely new look and based on the Internet that allows a customs services company to manage outgoing shipping documents.

The power to generate fast solutions, the easy integration of previously generated data models and the generation of interactive Web applications, as well as the ability to automate and standardize system development functionalities were some of the reasons why GeneXus X was chosen ─ as explained by Javier Figueroa, the company's system development assistant manager.

GeneXus was also the chosen tool in accordance with the company's plan to harmonize development platforms and due to the possibilities offered by the use of User Controls and patterns.

At present, David del Curto S.A.’s systems area relies on an innovative solution that reduces development times and is well prepared for future projects that may include the harmonization of technology platforms.