Success story

In search of greater efficiency.

Cooperativa Agro-Pecuária Alto Uruguai Ltda.'s (Cotrimaio) main activities are marketing and industrialization of agricultural and livestock products, namely operating in the trade of cereal grains, agricultural and livestock product stores, supermarkets, gas stations and meat processing plants.

The company, however, needed to collect data of its associates and contributors in order to provide its customers with more and better information and offer its sales representatives resources to help them close bigger sales. To this end, Cotrimaio started searching for a solution that would supply the company agronomists with information stored in the Progress database used by the corporate ERP –such as what products have been bought by the farmers previously- in addition to enabling closing product sales through orders.

A Mobile System for Pocket PC was developed with GeneXus through Migrate Company; this system uses web services to integrate the data of the Pocket PC mobile system data with the corporate ERP.

Glauber C. Weddigen, Migrate Company Technology Director, pointed out that “this mobile solution offers greater efficiency in the cooperative field activities, as the sales force no longer uses a diary but a mobile GeneXus system in their Pocket PC.”