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Chopo Mobile
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Chopo Mobile: successful Mexican app for medical test

This application, with over 32,000 downloads, enables queries in medical records relative to lab results as of 2010, among other functionalities for physicians and patients.

In search for enhanced customer service with time and money savings for customers, Chopo Med Lab released the latest version of its Chopo Mobile application, free for downloading from any mobile device with iOS and Android operating system.

The tool was developed by Héctor Hugo Ochoa Miguel and Rodolfo Benjamín Díaz de León Téllez, to enable queries, from smart phones and tablets, relative to study results and lab histories of the firm’s customers.

Patients may query results of lab tests performed at the del Chopo Medical Lab by just entering the reference number on any of their tests, in combination with their customer number. Physicians must register on the del Chopo Medical Lab web page, where they may access their patients’ results by doing a search with the corresponding reference number or the name of the patient. 

 “The app resulted from the need to offer our customers the possibility of saving both time and money by eliminating the need for them to return to our offices to pick up results, because now results are on the palm of their hands in a mobile device,” explained Benjamín Díaz de León, System Development Manager (Analysis Centers) of the Proa Group.

This application, with over 32,000 downloads, enables queries about medical records relative to lab results dated as of 2010, in addition to the possibility of comparisons of tests made using a graph, or find Chopo’s branches, or even have the easiest route to reach the one closest to the customer.

This application also includes preventive medicine tools such as body mass index or the risk of suffering cardiovascular disease, all of which represent data for benefitting health conditions.

 “With this app, our idea is to provide our customers with a simple tool to follow-up on their lab tests such as: cholesterol, glucose, pregnancy, etc., and to compare tests through time, where one of the features is to show, in colors, whether results are within the expected reference values or not. So, for example, if a person is out of town and experiences an instance of low sugar values, we can facilitate a physician´s diagnosis by providing previous results and a history of our glucose tests,” assured Díaz de León

“We are aware that our path does not end here. We’re already considering the possibility of making the app more robust by adding, in a further version, X-ray results and other medical studies,” Benjamín predicted.

He added that the application implies around 1,000 monthly downloads per platform, with 50% of users who viewed their results online.