Success story

China First Heavy Industries

Heavyweight Player

China First Heavy Industries (CFHI) is one of 53 key state-owned companies involved in national security and the economy, which are managed by the Chinese Central Committee. CFHI provides heavy equipment for various industries including petrochemical, automotive, energy and military sectors, among others.

CFHI, which in the past worked with systems developed in Delphi, needed to gain competitive advantage in China and the global market. For this reason, it wanted to develop an information system that would cover all aspects of the business including purchases, inventory, production, and so on. Thus, after an exhaustive selection process CFHI chose Beijing Mulink Technology, Co. Ltd, a GeneXus distributor in China.

The solution developed by Mulinktech faced two obvious challenges. On one hand, it needed to integrate as many of CFHI's existing applications as possible. On the other hand, the ability to adjust the development was a crucial part of the solution because the company's requirements are constantly evolving.

The solution, which is installed on an IBM P630 server and runs on Unix, has been working for years with clear benefits for the company's operation: GeneXus enables the system to be entirely customized by its users in a short period of time, providing quick development and implementation times.