Success story
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CENTROSUR Ecuador: the powerful energy of innovation

With over 90% of its applications generated in GeneXus, today -after almost a decade using technology that enables it to expand and successfully manage knowledge- CENTROSUR decides to share the benefits it has obtained in developing with our solution.

The firm Empresa Eléctrica Regional CENTROSUR, is a modern regional power company operates in the power trade as supplier and distributor. Since 1950, it has been taking all changes as new opportunities for development and progress for the benefit of customers and the region it serves.  

The company started working with GeneXus technology back in the year 1995 upon the start of a project of a computer management solution for its commercial department. At the time, the solution in place was not covering all the basic needs of the business core, and due to the years it had been functioning, its maintenance implied complications that became risks to the company. In order to overcome these obstacles, the firm adopted GeneXus, based on its easy maintenance and capability to generate native applications in iSeries (a technology in which the company was vastly experienced).

To this day, CENTROSUR keeps an ongoing relationship with GeneXus, after a decade in which they have succeeded in defining a computer system solution to improve data quality for all customers and to aid towards undertaking future challenges.

9 specific benefits of developing with GeneXus

With time, and upon the continuous use of GeneXus for over ninety percent of the company’s applications, this model has been replicated in eight other power distribution companies in Ecuador. With the possibility that GeneXus provides of separating knowledge from programming languages, combined with adaptability to new technology, the following benefits were possible:
  1. Substantially enhanced services for external customers, due to full coverage of the process implied in power service connections.
  2. Access to more complete information from the commercial department and other internal users.
  3. Easy maintenance.
  4. Possibility to include additional modules.
  5. Interconnectivity with other internal applications.
  6. Standardized used of tools for creating applications following the technology department’s decision to develop all new applications only with this tool.
  7. Minimal use of programming languages at the time.
  8. Capability to absorb staff renewal at the technology department, which at a given point implied a risk that could be minimized.
  9. Better use of human resources at the technology department, with reduced response time for requirements received in relation to both modifications and inclusion of functionalities in the solution.
With energy innovation in mind, the next step for the power company is to adopt GeneXus Server to ensure the efficient performance of large work teams, GXflow for project management, and GeneXus Tilo to expand its solution for mobile phones and tablets.