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CDS updates toll control system with GeneXus

The solution that manages the operations carried out by a toll concessionaire in the state of São Paulo is undergoing technological modernization with GeneXus. The goal is to keep the system up to date to deal with trends such as free flow.

CDS (System Development Company) has updated its traffic control and toll collection system to a new version of GeneXus.

The corporation has been using our platform since 1998 when the toll control system was created. However, in 2020, after undergoing a restructuring, the new management decided to migrate to the 17th version of GeneXus from the previous version 9.

According to Arthur Zini Vieira, Development Director at CDS, the proposal is to further automate the solution, which is currently being used by a concessionaire in the state of São Paulo to manage ten toll stations, with the aim of providing a more modern service and meeting the demands of the information technology market, which are linked to Digital Transformation.

Vieira also mentioned that the entire process was completed in less than a year. "The relatively short time, considering the small number of people involved, is one of the benefits of Low-Code technology, which automates development processes," comments Zini.

The system allows companies to access all the information about operations carried out in the booths, such as billing and collection data or the number of vehicles that pass through the toll plazas. It has expanded the registration of daily operations. All this information is sent to the concessionaire, which can have greater parameterization and control of the workflow within the plazas. The application also has an interface in conjunction with a messaging company, which is connected to automatic payment systems such as Conect Car and Sem Parar, allowing for the free flow of vehicles through the booths. In this way, the CDS system receives real-time information from users who pass through the plazas using tags.

Another important feature is the control of events at the toll booths. An event refers to an incorrect passage that needs to be corrected later, such as a vehicle with insufficient balance in a tag that violates the barrier. As abnormalities occur daily at the plazas, monitoring by the concessionaires is necessary.

Although the solution is already at an advanced level, Zini also adds that, looking to the future, the trend is for tolls to become completely automated in the coming years with the adoption of free flow, a new toll format that allows drivers to pass through without the need to stop at traditional toll booths. Therefore, it is essential for the applications to continue to evolve constantly to meet the new demands of the concessionaires.

According to Ricardo Recchi, Country Manager of GeneXus Brazil, Portugal, and Cape Verde, development platforms need to allow the creation of scalable and future-proof solutions so that they can be evolved when there is demand. "Solutions developed in GeneXus do not become outdated because our platform allows for the creation of solutions that can be updated according to market demands and the needs of each company," concludes Recchi.