Success story
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Chilean CCU’s scalable, robust, flexible system through Uruguayan CPG Soft.

CPG Soft was hired by Compañía Cerveceras Unidas (United Brewing Companies, CCU by its acronym in Spanish) to implement its sales and distribution system developed with GeneXus. CPG S&D Premium is used in CCU’s 20 distribution centers in Chile, thus extending the benefits this new tool has to offer to its more than 1,000 routes and 120,000 customers.

Supported by its market, brand and customer service level leadership, the Chilean brewery has built the largest distribution chain in Chile and has shown exponential growth. Therefore, it needed new software that would allow for innovation in products as well as associated sales or distribution processes.
It was within this context that CPG S&D Premium ─ a transnational sales and distribution system with full web development ─ was selected.
GeneXus development methodology ─ implemented through Web Services in CPG S&D Premium’s architecture ─ allows to define different knowledge levels in a product so that the manufacturer (CPG Soft in this case) is able to develop, update, release and provide support for new standard versions of its Core System or Kernel; while the customer (CCU in this case) develops the implementation knowledge base where their own developments, interfaces, reports and system customizations in general are found.
In addition to the functionality offered, CPG Soft was able to show CCU its product’s scalability through simulation tools and Stress Test processes that ensured S&D Premium’s performance when processing, in 8 hours, more than 50,000 orders from 1,100 sales people, stock assignment, loading and routing of trucks, invoicing, check out, check in, final accounts and balance.
Within this context, Artech continues to be committed to their customers and also to its strategic partner CPG Soft in this case, by offering each project the required support through research and Human Resources, as well as engaging in the optimization challenges regarding its tool for the benefit of all the parties involved.