Success story

Bantotal: the technology tool that banks need

Bantotal from De Larrobla & Asociados is a GeneXusdeveloped, comprehensive tool that operates in financial organizations.

Bandelta, a new bank from Panama dedicated to microfinance, has grown exponentially from its beginnings thanks to a considerable investment in technology during its first years of life. In June 2007, the search for a new core banking system began in order to enable Bandelta to round out its product offering. It chose Bantotal because it provides a comprehensive solution for banking operations, including the handling of products and services, the accounting system, and reports to regulators and the management. In addition, among other advantages, it had a module which specialized in microfinance, and had local and international references.

Following workshops and beta testing processes, the system went live in 2009, within budget and on time. The core system would be implemented on a Windows Server 2003 platform, and MS SQL Server 2005. The modules to be implemented were: core, liabilities, assets, housing, regulatory, microfinance, MIS and BI. A number of external systems and applications had to interface with Bantotal.

Since then, the bank continues to develop new modules and innovate with its Internet banking products. Ariel San Martín, general manager of Bandelta, affirms that he feels confident about the fact that “with Bantotal, we have the technical tools to grow and support a bank of our size, or indeed any size in the region”. The proofs of that statement are their projects for the future: setting up a regional bank to operate in countries such as Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia and Ecuador, as well as the Caribbean, plus elsewhere in Central America.

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