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AlertaBlu Application - Emergency alerts for Blumenau residents (SC)

The Prefecture of Blumenau (SC, Brazil) has recently launched AlertaBlu, an application developed by the IT Department of the City Government Management Office. It offers information and services to residents of the city of Blumenau in the event of heavy rains, floods and landslides. It was developed with GeneXus and already has 5 thousand downloads, even though for now it is only available for Android.

In the past, this information could only be accessed through an online system. “We realized it was necessary to offer this information in a more agile and convenient way for residents. With this free app, the service reaches users in the form of alerts,” explains the Systems Director, Júlio Cezar Silva.
Thanks to this application, the Prefecture will be able to reduce the overloading of phone lines during emergencies, allowing residents to access updated information from their mobile devices. In addition to better serving citizens, the costs for and demands on the institution will also be reduced, thus increasing productivity in various sectors.
Júlio Cezar stresses that the Prefecture of Blumenau already has about 20 applications developed with GeneXus, covering areas such as education, health, and statistical data. “GeneXus is our official tool. At present we have five more developers, but to create AlertaBlu, the developer Cristian Abreu needed only 15 days. With the features offered by GeneXus Evolution 3, we were able to optimize the time and costs of our work,” he says. The iOS version of AlertaBlu will be released in about two months. Additionally, it provides offline features to check flood levels.
Free download from Google Play