Success story
Aeropuerto Margarita

Aeropuerto General en Jefe Santiago Mariño

Flying High

Due to its location, the "General Santiago Mariño" Caribbean International Airport on Margarita Island, Venezuela, has strategic importance.

The International Airport urgently needed to improve Workflow control of the Allocation of Fees, Administration, Supervisors, Ticket Office and Oversight. Therefore, with the collaboration of System Integrator & Developers SID C.A., it was decided to develop a whole new system to manage the Airport Income and Airport Tax processing.

The Tax Administration System (SIATA, by its acronym in Spanish) provides the current and historical status of said charges at any given time, together with a user schema and workstation. Each process involving the management of Airport Taxes generates a user mark containing data of the physical station where it was processed and the updated date and time. Thus, genuine, real-time information is obtained.

The SIATA speeds the sale up significantly, while providing the option of performing automatic controls. The solution presents different security levels per profile (Manager, Supervisor, and Ticket Clerk/Collector). All of this results in a 35% improvement in Human Resources and attention times in terms of allocation, oversight and cash count processes, which undoubtedly represents an improvement in the airport's overall performance.