Success story

City Without Paper with GeneXus

With the application developed using GeneXus, it was possible to save more than R$150,000 (Brazilian Reais) on bond paper and increase the productivity of the municipal server team in Boituva, Brazil.

The "Cidade Sem Papel" application is a solution created with GeneXus by the company 4R to reduce paper usage in processes and documentation at the Boituva City Hall, a city in the interior of São Paulo, Brazil.

"Cidade Sem Papel" provides an online system that allows taxpayers to submit requests and track all stages of the process until the protocol is completed. Each request undergoes a validation process, ensuring the authenticity and accuracy of the provided information. Once validated, the request becomes an official protocol and is digitally processed by the various departments of the city responsible for its handling.

The application also electronically stores all documents, ensuring their security and accessibility while complying with LGPD (General Data Protection Law) regulations. It allows for digital signatures, providing authenticity and integrity to the documents, eliminating the need for physical signatures and, consequently, the use of paper. The solution also streamlines the entire internal workflow of public agencies by adapting server procedures to the digital format, reducing bureaucracy.

"The digitization of services, which was already a trend in the public sphere, was accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic. The social isolation caused by the coronavirus showed us that many services can be performed remotely, provided we have good technology as support," explains José Aparecido Bastazini, Director of Economic Development and Innovation at the Boituva City Hall.

Bastazini also comments that the application has brought more transparency to the population. "With 'City Without Paper,' taxpayers can follow all stages of the processing of their protocols online. Similarly, servers have access to a control panel that allows them to monitor the progress of processes, check deadlines, and identify potential bottlenecks. This transparency strengthens the public's trust in government and promotes greater efficiency in services provided," he says.

"Boituva has already become a success story, and we hope that other municipalities can follow this example," comments Rogério Camargo, Director of Technology and Innovation at 4R.

With "Cidade Sem Papel" the Boituva City:
  • Hall achieves a reduction of over 85% in the time required for business registration. Now, citizens can complete this procedure in one week (previously taking at least 45 days).

  • The process of approving construction projects has also been reduced from 60 days to just 20 days with the application, representing a reduction of approximately 70%.

  • In a period of 6 months, it was also possible to save more than R$150,000 on bond paper and increase the productivity of the server team.

For GeneXus' Country Manager, Ricardo Recchi, technology should follow trends, continuously updating itself according to market demands. "For us at GeneXus, it is gratifying to be able to contribute to such an innovative and important project that not only benefits the population but also helps preserve the environment," Recchi concludes.