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Video calls in GeneXus easily, quickly and cost-effectively

About this webinar

Since we began to move towards the so-called "new normality", K2BTools has been working to ensure that companies have effective mechanisms for interconnection and collaboration between their people and work teams. In a few months they have facilitated the incorporation of technology to both developers and organizations of various business verticals. 
In this webinar we will present the independent video call component so that any user can incorporate it quickly and at a very low cost in any GeneXus project. 
Two clients with great experience in GeneXus, from the health and IT areas, will participate and will give testimony about the incorporation of the solution in their systems, its immediate use and easy adaptation.

About the instructor

  • Federico Dominioni

    Technical Manager | K2B Tools
  • Martín Spangenberg

    Jefe de desarrollo at GeneXus Consulting | K2B Health

  • Andrés Croce

    Lider proyecto | Legado IT