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30' into the mind of a Hacker

About this webinar

Nowadays, all companies publish different services such as Web applications and APIs on the internet to carry out their business. Even services that have been designed to be used internally are exposed to the internet in one way or another.
This has made remote working possible and has created an unprecedented connection between companies, clients and vendors. This has also made life easier for hackers and other malicious actors who try to detect and exploit vulnerabilities for their own purposes: ransomwares, data leaks, and even infrastructure appropriation.
In this webinar, we will show you the mechanisms used by hackers to detect vulnerabilities and exploit them.
Knowing the strategies used by bad actors is the first step to identify and test an organization's defenses and avoid expensive monetary and reputation damages.

About the instructor

  • Gerardo Canedo

    Consultor en Seguridad de Aplicaciones GeneXus