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GeneXus 18 is here!
With the new version, GeneXus 18, it is possible to create new and colossal digital ecosystems, integrate with these in an outsourced way to speed up your solution and build Scalable Mission Critical Applications in a safe, fast and automatic way.
Software that makes Software
In a fast-paced world with volatile realities, GeneXus offers state-of-the-art technology to build and evolve complex, mission-critical solutions simply, quickly, and future-proof.

What is GeneXus?

GeneXus is the Software Development Platform that takes advantage of the benefits of Low-Code and Artificial Intelligence to simplify and automate the tasks of creating, evolving and maintaining Multi-Experience and Multi-Platform applications.

By modeling knowledge with GeneXus and generating for the latest technologies, companies can create systems that respond and adapt faster to changes and new realities of business and markets, providing an eternally young code.
Super Powers with GeneXus
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We create pure native code, optimized for each platform, from business and process knowledge.
We protect business knowledge from technological changes, adding new generators that cover emerging platforms, allowing solutions to evolve with agility.
We create pure native code, optimized for each platform, from business and process knowledge.
We innovate in the software creation process. We focus on what you want to do, not on how to program.
Our applications can be deployed in any environment. The generated software runs on any cloud, on-premise or hybrid architecture .
We generate and deliver value in record time, as has never been seen in the software industry before.
The learning curve for using GeneXus is minimal. Learn once, and generate for dozens of languages and technologies 😎.
Why GeneXus?
Agility in development
Describe an application. Generate. Test. Iterate. An agile methodology is at the heart of GeneXus™ to prototype, adapt to change, and quickly reach production and evolve.
Automatic generation of databases and programs
From the modeling of the desired system, GeneXus™ automatically creates the database, the application code, the user interface for the client and the necessary server-side services. End to End. It's not magic, it's the science of GeneXus™.
Multi-Platform and Multi-Experience solution for real
GeneXus™ generates native apps for every mobile device platform, as well as web apps that run smoothly on all browsers. Your backends are built and deployed on any cloud, on - premises or hybrid.
System integration
With GeneXus™ you will be able to integrate your application with external systems, develop new functionalities, and deliver a solution that works with data from multiple sources.
Legacy Systems Modernization
Develop solutions with total security and under any authentication and authorization scheme. You don't need experts in obsolete languages or intensive manual and traditional programming. Your developers just need to learn GeneXus, and it's very easy.
Expanded DevOps
Model software systems, so you can generate applications and systems that automatically evolve, responding quickly to changes.
We offer a Licensing Model per developer position
Our business model does not focus on end users or number of applications generated.

Meet the whole suite

GeneXus provides an intuitive and consistent Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and a suite of plug-ins that transform it into a full-stack development platform that increases software productivity and durability throughout its lifecycle.
Collaboration and versioning
Coordinate your team’s activity in developing GeneXus applications.
Business Process Management
Model, automate, manage and optimize your business processes.
Reporting and analysis
Create reports from operational databases.
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Testing and quality assurance
Automatize functional tests in GeneXus applications.
Low-Code for SAP® Systems
Extend SAP Systems swiftly yet cost effectively with GeneXus.
Applications Security
Solve the authentication and authorization management of your applications.
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Unlock the possibilities of AI
Harness the potential of Artificial Intelligence with this cutting-edge component, streamlining the integration and utilization of Large Language Models (LLMs) from diverse sources. GeneXus Enterprise AI empowers you to conquer the complexities of embedding AI services into your applications, while providing an easy-to-setup, provider-agnostic, and future-proof interface.
The version that has it all!
Total Experience
Super Apps and Mini Apps
Cloud Natives
Knowledge Modeling
DevOps Automation
Total Experience
✔ Create new experiences and adapt them to whatever you want.

✔ Give coherence to all screens with the new Design System Unanimo.

✔ Import designs from Sketch and Figma.

✔ Take advantage of the power and versatility of the first language for modeling Design Systems (Design System Object) and customize your designs in any way you want.

✔ Use the new graphical user interface controls, which give you more flexibility and more encapsulation power.

✔ Dynamize your chatbot flows using scripted dynamic chatbots, which allow you to model flows at runtimes.

✔ Create modern apps for the latest technology on the frontend: Angular 14, iOS 14 and Android 13.
Super Apps and Mini Apps
✔ GeneXus is the first, and also the best, platform in the world that provides all the technology to create, model and deploy 100% of the Super App.

✔ GeneXus also has the necessary components to turn any existing native application into a Super App. There is no need to reprogram anything that is running.

✔ This technology will allow you to provide new and better experiences to your users.  With a Super App you will be able to cover infinite needs (through Mini Apps) without making multiple downloads, logins or payment method authentications.

✔ Accelerate the growth of your solution by creating new business models, new experiences and new architectures.

✔ Develop Mini Apps and manage them from the new catalog called Mini App Center.

✔ Grow your business by developing Mini Apps for partners who have already implemented the payment and identity management system through their Super Apps, that's win-win!
Cloud Natives
✔ Take advantage of the cloud’s potential by building modern, safe and highly scalable solutions.

✔ Run your applications on top cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google, IBM Cloud®, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, among others.

✔ Generate your solutions for the latest .NET and Java technology. 

✔ Use state-of-the-art technologies to compile and manage packages such as Nuget, Gradle and Maven. 

✔ Benefit from cloud containerization and orchestration functionalities by deploying on Docker and Kubernetes.

✔ Infinitely scale using serverless services from Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. They can develop and deploy functions that are triggered through messaging and non-relational databases which give maximum flexibility at a good cost.

✔ Implement security, authentication and authorization settings for users and objects with the GeneXus Access Manager (GAM) module, which now also supports biometric and multi-factor authentication, providing more security to your solutions.
Knowledge Modeling
✔ Accelerate the evolution of your solutions by relying on the GeneXus Knowledge Base, the safest way to protect yourself from technological obsolescence.

✔ Pack a module containing APIs or an entire Design System and share it with other teams or the rest of the community. In this way, when you build a system you will be able to do so by composing modules that are already pre-designed and pre-generated.

✔ Automatically manage dependencies between modules.

✔ Speed up prototyping cycles by using the new Launchpad to test your APIs directly from the GeneXus IDE.

✔ Discover an improved experience when importing designs, developing, testing, generating and deploying with the GeneXus 18 IDE, whether you are a novice or a specialist.
✔ Take advantage of updates to all the tools that will help you automate the lifecycle of your solutions:

GeneXus Server
To help with team development, solution versioning and generation of the various production pipelines.

To model unit and user interface tests, and automate them in the production cycles, thus ensuring quality and safe evolution.

For the automation of all steps. Using MSBuild tasks will allow you to build the continuous integration or continuous deployment flows you want, with the tools you want.

✔ In addition to being able to easily integrate your solutions with Jenkins, you will now also be able to do so with Azure DevOps.

What's new in GeneXus 18?

GeneXus 18 accompanies technological advances to provide the best experience in Web and Mobile platforms to companies, developers and end users.
GeneXus Training
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GeneXus Community Wiki
GeneXus Beta Channel
GeneXus Training
Training portal with self-study options and teaching support. Here you will also find the worldwide calendar of courses and certifications.
GeneXus Webinars
Online sessions on technology and current topics, led by GeneXus Community experts and partners.
GeneXus Community Wiki
Online and collaborative encyclopedia, where all the knowledge about GeneXus is documented.
GeneXus Beta Channel
Test GeneXus features, products and all new technologies before they are released.
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