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There is a new version of GeneXus!
  • What’s new in GeneXus™ 15?

    With GeneXus™ 15 we’re making a huge leap into an even better way
    to create applications. True to our core beliefs, we are presenting our
    most complete solution,
    that will allow anybody to create better
    applications in the fastest, simplest way possible, without knowing
    about any specific programming language or technology.

“Matutina” Photography by Juan Gonet
  • Embrace the Digital Transformation

    We’re increasing the power for Digital Transformation, in GeneXus™ 15, 
    with more options for Data Management, Dynamic Transactions, better
    support, and more Cloud Providers for your business to
    choose where to run. Digital Transformation has never been so easy. 

New Integration Solutions

Simplifying Interoperation between different Business Systems has always been one of GeneXus™ major concerns, that’s why we’re adding a new set of tools that will help developers swiftly integrate systems. SAP HANA DB support, and OPEN API (formerly Swagger) for API import and export, join the ranks of an already large set of integration options inside GeneXus™.

Improved Incremental Development

Live Editing and Live Preview help developers accelerate the process of Designing an application. Better collaboration options, modules and a faster Build performance also help increase the speed of each development iteration.

User Centered Development

Providing the best possible User experience is one of the main pieces of the puzzle when developing software. That’s why we focused on improving both the GeneXus users’ experience and the UX for users of the apps created with it. This is why we worked a lot improving the GeneXus IDE and the way its users work while creating applications, as well as how default applications look in GeneXus at the end of the process.

Swift Generation for iOS

SAP HANA in-Memory Database

Cloud Native Technology

If you want to go Mobile, if you want to integrate different systems and
technologies, if you want your Business to set foot in the Cloud, if you want
to help your Business evolve technologically, if you want to innovate, if you
you want to survive each technological wave that is going to come… then you
really need GeneXus™, because change really needs to be simpler.

Enjoy! ;)

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