GeneXus Web
A Web Low-Code IDE, powered by Cloud & AI
  • Frictionless software development

    GeneXus Web eliminates all the installation hassles and gives you quick access to evaluate our low-code software development platform.

    • Web based
  • Learn the ideas behind GeneXus

    Walk your first steps with GeneXus and learn why we do things in a different, future-proof way.

    • Training
  • Create apps for Web & for Mobile

    Create apps by modeling the data and the business rules and let GeneXus do the rest automatically.

    • Multi-experience
GeneXus is evolving

The best thing about

the dark side

GeneXus Web is improving every day. Access it now and be part of the path that takes us to the Next GeneXus. Welcome to the dark side of GeneXus.